The map is open resource available as a website containing a set of terms that describe the most important fields of activity and attitudes of architects. This initial, subjective selection of concepts and their short definitions is the beginning of the current architecture created by architects, commentators, critics, and anyone interested in architecture.

The purpose of the map is an attempt to create a platform to support a debate on the current state, of the discipline of architecture. We see it as a tool for defining the language relevant to the architectural discipline and domain of architects’ activity. The map is not an alternative to existing specialized dictionaries and wiki databases. Therefore, it has a particular focus on visual tracking of relationships and dependencies between the main profession fields, peripheral and emerging activities, going beyond the traditional definition of profession. Visual representation of the map resource allow greater than the text, to understand complex intersections of architecture and related disciplines. We hope that the topics and terms and their definitions will be contributed by the of the network map. Everyone can also add comments to existing concepts.

With the launch of the map website at the exhibition Occupation: Architect, Warsaw Under Construction 5 festival we presents a graphic version that visualizes the database content available at this time (October 2013).

More information about the project and its accompanying program WUC 5 events can be found on the festival website: www.warszawawbudowie.pl

TRACE network
Authors: Piotr Bujas, Małgorzata Kuciewicz, Milena Trzcińska, Łukasz Stępnik

Data visualization, interaction & www: Michał Szota

Exhibition graphic design: Jakub de Barbaro


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